Driveshaft Shop Level 5 1400HP Axles (2010-14 Camaro)
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Driveshaft Shop Level 5 1400HP Axles (2010-14 Camaro)

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CHEVROLET 2010-2014 CAMARO V8 1400HP+ Level 6 Direct Bolt-In Axles

Product Description

We are proud to introduce the 1400HP axles for the 2010-2014 Camaro. We have designed a new 1-piece outer CV for the application that is not only stronger but more cost effective to manufacture. This saves you money without sacrificing durability! These axles feature CNC rolled splines for extra strength. Full 30 spline certified 300M center bars (not just 28 spline like a factory 108mm CV would use) 30 spline like the Viper T56 and any upgraded T56 is the reason we do too. If the cages are stronger the bars need to be also. We have also included our certified 4340AQ cages REM polished with a re-designed radius on the cage window. Cages are full 4340, not the standard material that has been carbonized and made brittle.