Driveshaft Shop Level 5 1400 HP Direct Bolt-in Axles (2017+Camaro ZL1/SS/1LE)

Driveshaft Shop Level 5 1400 HP Direct Bolt-in Axles (2017+Camaro ZL1/SS/1LE)

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So the 2017 Camaro is out and like any of the newer platforms by GM we have seen lately the Drive train is nice. Like any axle we look to make here at DSS we always open the axle up for the critical dimensions but also to see what was done by GM to make this new 2017 better than the 5th gen style its replacing. they do not disappoint (maybe us a little but not you if you or are getting one) Guessing what HP ? this sort of thing is always hard but like all OE's they have come to realize the axles have to be better and this one is. We found the bars and internals are closer to the C7 corvette or maybe the CTS-v axles in the fact that not only the internal splines are much larger but the CV parts themselves are, CV's are done in series and this one is the same as the larger axles found on vipers, Lamborghini's and a few other high end cars. The axles are also done with the "anti-wheel hop" that in a stock application "kind" of helps hop but in high Hp applications causes a unbalanced strength and will basically have one axle stronger then the other.

So, what DSS has decided to do for this is start with out with our exclusive "Fixed" outer CV design (just like factory, non-plunging) Back with the 5th gen car we realized with having a plunging CV on both ends there was an angle limit that can be run before the axle bar became unstable and moved back and forth causing undue wear and sometimes noise, We will be using this fixed outer so as the cars are lowered and the angle becomes greater this will not be a issue. The Fixed outer is a Billet Chromoly housing and full billet Chromoly internals, Same parts used on Carlyle Racing's corvette, American Racing Headers Camaro and many more record winning cars with out issue. The Axle bars will be larger, the one on this axle is a bit bigger then the 5th gen at 1.170 and im going to make a guess the axle may hold as much as 900hp ? The DSS axle will have the 300m Bars with rolled splines and ground centers that will allow the bars to torsionally twist but not break, we WILL NOT be making them in the Anti-Wheel hop style for this reason, with all the years and experience we have behind us we have come to realize the axles need to be the same diameter in high HP cars to ensure they are the same strength, wheel Hop should be addresses at the source (bushings,mounts ect) and when this is done correctly you will need axles that will be of equal strength. Being this axle from the Factory will more then likely handle so much power it would un-wise to make the axles any other way in our opinion.

Bolt on inner CV-- This is the 1st Camaro to come with a Bolt on inner CV and after looking at the stub its our opinion that the spline diameter of 1.375 and the material its made from that the spline is going to stronger then the diff (but time will tell) This again is a good thing for you the consumer as you do not need to buy extra parts, the inner CV is a GKN 116mm version and DSS stocks this so the axle will be sold with out the stub and the costs that are associated with it. If in the future this becomes and ills we can always make it but again judging from a long history of making parts more then likely will not ever be needed as the Diff will more then likely be an issue before. So there you have it, a completely new Axle from DSS for the 6th Gen Camaro, Driveshafts are being made now and will be available like this on the site in a few days. All parts are made and ready to be assembled for you if you have been able to get past the barrier we believe the stock axle will hold.